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Remote Master is a software for remote computer management on Windows platform. The program allows to configure a lot of system parameters of remote servers and workstations without any additional software installation on client computers. With Remote Master you can: Connect to remote computer with specified credentials. Obtain the system and hardware computer information: operating system, disks (physical and logical), hardware components (processor, motherboard, video- and network adapters, etc), and network interfaces settings. Remote start processes, including through other account. Change computer name and its membership in the domain or workgroup. Shutdown and reboot computer, end session of the current user. View running processes in realtime with possibility to terminate, change priority and create the new ones. Manage services and their properties, delete existing services and create the new ones. View event logs and find event details in the Internet by event code. Manage users and groups, create and delete them. Manage shared resources, create and remove shared folders, configure their access permissions. Manage printers, install and remove local printers and their drivers.

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